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Huge effin' picspam, brought to you by Getty Images.

Getty Images is basically an Atkinson picture goldmine. They have about 3 pages of promotional pictures for the new Mr. Bean movie, some of which really crack me up. They also have other pictures from premieres that I didn't even know he attended. Here are some of the ones that most amused me or pleased me aesthetically. Mostly the former. They're pretty large, so watch out if you have dial-up.


Back in the day. I'm just including this one because both he and Stephen Fry are in it.

Why, there is no sense of "awkward paparazzi photo" about this at all! Poor Ben Elton. XD From the Bright Young Things movie premiere.

From the Love Actually premiere. I can tell because of the large sign standing in the background.

Johnny English premiere:

Of course I couldn't live without including this. Atkinson/Imbruglia 4EVZZZZ.

This photo is now requesting captions filled with perverse sexual innuendo.

Keeping Mum premiere:

HAHAHA. If this didn't have that watermark, it would be an icon right now.

Various Mr. Bean's Holiday pictures:

I find these beach pictures more wonderful than words can express.

Mr. Bean comes out as a furry.

This should be an inspirational poster.

Promoting his promotional book Mr. Bean's Guide to France in Germany.

At the Mr. Bean's Holiday premiere with Willem Defoe. There are about 20 different pictures of him in that same place, and he's standing in exactly the same position in all of them.

If you go to the Getty Images website and type in "Rowan Atkinson", there will be a metric ton of pictures that pop up, and most of them are pretty recent. I suggest it if you are bored and in the mood.
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